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Life Would Be Different If I Held On

Mr. Faded Glory
22 September
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Well my name is Dan, and this is my journal. I live in Kendal, but grew up on an island called Jersey in the English Channel (North of France). I love(d) surfing and i like photography, especially when it comes to nature and all that.

I love music. I get annoyed easily with emo kids and all them but Im trying to stop all that. I LOVE Pearl Jam's music; its so emotional, powerful and entrancing. Its just amazing.
My favourite bands include Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Dire Straits, and LOADS more!

Add me if you want, I dont mind so long as I can add you. Some posts of mine are friends only though, and anything I say cant be used against me cos this is my journal and my thoughts. Not your problem.

Btw, I LOVE BETH! She means so much to me and without her I would be pretty boring (not that Im not :S) and unhappy. But I do and im so happy!

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